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Answer: Feelloud is an online platform for music and concerts. Our focus is to connect artist and fans in different ways, but the goal is the same to create a better way for artists reaching their fans and vice versa.

Answer: The main browsers will be supported at start including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari. We are always working on making Feelloud available to more people on different devices and systems.

Answer: Feelloud is only available by the web browser of your choice at the moment. But rumour has it that we are working on an App as well, stay tuned.

Answer: Our love for music, as hardcore fans ourselves we were frustrated that we had no say as a Fan where concerts happen. So, we simply made a solution.

Answer: We only ask for data relevant to create a better experience on Feelloud.

Answer: To deactivate your account go to
[Settings ->General ->Deactivate Account]
If you want to reactive the account, please write to: info@feelloud.com with the email address belonging to the account.

Answer: Please contact us with the email account that is in question at info@feelloud.com and we take it from there.

Answer: [Settings ->Privacy-> Who can see my account]

Answer: [Settings ->New-> New Artist Account]
After sending your request we will contact you for further authentication.

Answer: Please use the “recover my password” button bellow the login box.

Answer: A devote is part of an interactive ticket and lets Fans mark themselves on a map to show where they are. This way fans can influence concert locations and get the artist to play where they are. And artists can plan tours and concerts where the most fans are. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

Answer: Until the devote phase is closed you can go to [settings->Devote & Tickets] and change the position of you devote. You can’t remove the devote, only change the info.

Answer: You should devote where your live and include the cities close to you where you can travel easy to. If you are marking a small area, it will be clearer for the artist to know where to play. For example, if everybody would mark the whole world, how it the artist supposed to know where you are? So, think of yourself and what works for you, that is best for location for you.

Answer: That sucks, that’s not what we want but an artist cant be everywhere. There are 2 options:
1) If the concert location is outside your Devote-radius but your close by the artist can include you to the devoters. Its up to the artist and the team behind them.
2) If you are not included, you will get you money back for the devote as a credit in the system so you can devote on a different devote tour in the future.

Answer: Only if the artist does not come to your area. Please only devote if you are certain that you want to go to a concert.

Answer: The Feelloud team, the artist and you. Nobody else, as it should be. But if you want to share that’s up to you.

Answer: Our way of making a Like on a Post more valuable and fun. Instead of just liking something we call it “feel”. You can mark on the image what you “feel” with different icons. So, its not just THAT you like something but WHAT on the image do you like.

Answer: Press the report button on a post and we will take a look at it. If there is something against our community guidelines we will act, and you will have our gratitude <3.

Answer: You can’t to put it frank. The post feature on Feelloud is for artists only, we believe that’s what you’re here for!? Information and updates about your favourite artists. But do not worry, we are working on a way for fans to share. But we are sorry, its not ready yet. Stay tuned and if you have wishes, let us know!

Answer: We want to create a feel-good platform. Its interesting to se how other people “feel” about the things YOU care about. But how many is not important if you ask us. Looking at modern social media psychology and on how a community feels good we decided to focus on you the Person and how you can see what other people think without being affected by numbers or even distracted by them. Feel on posts if you want the artist to see what you think or if you want to give Feedback. Feelloud is the kind of a platform where you can be a little self-centred and only need to care about yourself and your friends.

Answer: We always load a different combination of feels to your posts. This way your screen does not get cluttered, but you still get to see which points on an image are interesting to others. So why random? To let you see different variations of the summary. We think this will keep each revisit to a post interesting.

Answer: Each person using Feelloud has one normal "Fan" account that represents you as a person or as a Fan as we call it. I mean we are all Fans of music, right? But a Person can be part of many artist accounts. Here, depending on your access you will have access to the menus in the FL-Manager. As an artist you can create Posts as well.

Answer: Devote and Impact-Tap numbers are only shown to you the artists. You are in control over what you want to share and how. We want to create a platform where quality is more important than quantity. But please contact the Feelloud team for more information and feedback.

Answer: In the [Settings->Account] menu

Answer: As an artist you will have access to our free online tool the FL-Manager. Here you can find tools to manage your booking, account, fan-interactions and more.

Answer: Please contact Mario. If you have an account, you know how to reach him.

Answer: We do not include small countries in our booking tools. What does small mean? A population under 100 people is too small. Please contact the team if you need access to certain areas or if there is an error and the area you’re looking for is not available either way.